25 Questions To Ask Before Switching To Digital Menu Technology

Are you thinking about upgrading to digital menu technology? Not only can it add a modern look and feel to your restaurant, but it is also proven to drive increased revenue. It’s not all about the screen and player, though— in some ways, that’s the easy part. Even if you only have a few stores, managing content across multiple locations can be the biggest challenge.

Rich media, such as video and animated graphics, is what makes digital menu technology compelling and helps boost revenues. It requires attention from the creative side, an easy interface to support operations, and flexible technology to support the needs of each location. As you evaluate digital menu technology options, make sure you are asking the right questions.

Here are 25 questions to ask providers as you are in the qualifying stages.

    1. Is the digital menu software easy to use?
    2. What training is available?
    3. Does the software understand dayparts?
    4. Can I define my own dayparts by a group, region, or store?
    5. Can the content be automatically deployed to multiple stores?
    6. How many campaigns can be scheduled at once?
    7. How far into the future can you schedule campaigns?
    8. Is it easy to monitor and manage deployed and scheduled campaigns?
    9. What media formats does the software support?
    10. Do I have to create my own content, or do you provide that service?
    11. How does content get updated?
    12. How long does it take to update content?
    13. Does the software support international locations?
    14. What types of security features are built into the software?
    15. Is there an approval workflow?
    16. Does pricing get populated automatically from point of sale systems?
    17. Is the software able to handle caloric count data?
    18. Can the software make use of templates?
    19. Is there a mobile app?
    20. Can restaurant operators (with permission) insert content locally?
    21. What types of displays and media player hardware do the software support?
    22. Is content streamed, or does it reside in the restaurant?
    23. If a server goes down, or internet is unavailable, will content still appear on the menu boards?
    24. Can software updates and upgrades be done remotely?
    25. How much does it all cost?

Like most strategic initiatives in today’s world, these are combined business and technology decisions. From inception to completion, you can decide the amount of work done by your internal team versus work that can be accomplished by partners. Be sure to involve marketing, operations, and technology teams so everyone can work together to determine the best way to take advantage of digital menu technology.

As an added bonus, we have put together a chart comparing WAND’s features to other providers.

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