WAND Standard Digital Service Level Targets (SLA)

As with all interactions between WAND and our customers, we approach customer support from a partnership perspective. WAND will always do everything possible to resolve issues quickly and effectively should they ever arise.

The WAND Support Center (WSC) and the WAND Digital Agency will provide support for WAND Digital to WAND Corporation customers as it pertains to software and the following hardware:

  • WAND-branded Digital Signage
    • Indoor and Outdoor Digital Menu Board Displays
    • Point of Purchase Displays
    • Digital Menu Board and Point of Purchase Media Players
  • WAND-approved Equipment

WAND Commitment

  • Respond to support requests within WAND’s Service Level Targets
  • Take steps to escalate and resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Provide timely updates to the customer

Client Commitment

Follow the Client Responsibilities outlined below:

  • Open a Support case with WAND Support Center by calling 952-361-6250, by email at support@wandcorp.com, through the TRM portal, or at wanddigital.com/contact-us/
  • Work with WAND support agents to perform necessary troubleshooting steps
  • Provide contact phone number/s and email/s for follow up

Service Level Targets

The Service Level Targets (SLAs) below are for WAND hardware or software that is not functioning.

Note: The SLAs do not include content or price change requests. See Content/Price Change SLAs under Content/Price Change Targets.


High30 MinutesComplete loss of functionality (e.g. digital menu board display showing no content)
Medium4 HoursPartial loss of functionality (e.g. display showing incorrect content)
Low24 HoursNo loss of functionality (e.g. general usage questions, daypart changes)


Low24 HoursWAND Express customers have a single response time of 24 hours from time of reporting.

*Response time indicates the target that a WAND Support Agent will begin to actively work a case after initial report from the customer.

Content/Price Change Targets

Content or price change requests can be submitted to the Digital Agency inbox at digitalagency@wandcorp.com. For quicker response times, provide: Corporate store ID, best contact (phone and email), details of requested changes.

The Service Level Targets (SLAs) below are for content and/or price change requests. Content and/or price change requests are processed by the WAND Digital Agency or Client Services during normal business hours. SLAs are based on business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Change requests on weekends/holidays will be considered to be submitted on the next
business day.

Note: Requests submitted after 3:00 PM Central Time will be considered to have been submitted on the next business day.

Content and price change requests may be billable at the applicable WAND Digital Agency hourly rate (time is billed in 15-minute increments).

RequestCompletion TimeDefinition
20 or fewer price changesNext Business Day20 or fewer price change requests for dynamic pricing (price changes for static images may take up to 3 business days from date static files are received**).
TRM SettingsNext Business DayPower save, daypart, TRM user updates (add, remove, or update user permissions).
Greater than 20 price changes3 Business DaysPrice changes for multiple items with dynamic pricing or price changes for static images.**
Content Change3 Business DaysRemoval or addition of assets or LTOs (addition of assets and LTOs must be available in the TRM Asset Library).
Creation of new menu items, LTOs, menu redesignsAs agreed to in the Statement of WorkNew menu items, new LTOs, and menu redesigns may require a Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the project deliverables including the scope of work, deliverables, deliverable dates, estimated hours,
and pricing.

*Expedited requests will be reviewed and if processed, billed at the applicable WAND Digital Agency expedite rate.

**Static menu or static price change timing is dependent on receiving all required files from customer. The SLA will begin upon acceptance of all required customer files.