It’s Not Magic,
WAND Digital

Increase customer engagement, upsell opportunities, and sales revenue while saving time and money with the power of digital.

A blurred passerby crossing in front of a vertical, digital menu board for Auntie Anne's pretzels.
WAND Digital Customer Logos

Happy Customers

WAND customers range from quick-serve restaurants to campus cafes, coffee shops, and beyond.

A Cinnabon storefront showing a white countertop, two employees, and vertical digital display showcasing a wild berry cinnamon bun.

Indoor Signage

Engage hungry customers, drive promo purchases, snag more foot traffic-whatever your goal, digital menus and displays transform indoor experiences.

Outdoor Menus

Drab static menus are done for. Deliver updated experiences that captivate and delight all while displaying hot menu items, promos, and info at just the right times.

A car drives by a bright digital Dairy Queen drive-thru display at dusk.


WAND Makes Magic with Every Customer

“WAND Digital’s responsiveness and execution speaks highly about their service-first approach.”

— Neil, Moe's Southwest Grill

“Upgrading our technology was easy with WAND Digital. We’re now worry free with a new warranty and always reliable service and support.”
— Jenn, Multi-Brand Franchise


Find a Solution for Every Goal

Building your brand, driving sales, engaging customers-digital menu boards and drive-thrus help QSRs hit any goal.

Grow & Scale Your Brand

  • Boost Sales and Scale Big

    Announce timely deals, promos, must-know info, and more to increase sales for scaling your business.

  • Get Noticed in Any Space

    Catch the eye of passersby on-foot or on the road with enticing and vibrant displays that engage and inform.

  • Increase Average Order Size

    Use the power of digital signage to display deals and tempting meals that bump up average order size.

A smiling quick-service restaurant employee wearing a green shirt and black apron hands an order to a customer out of frame.
Three horizontal digital menu boards are mounted on a wall behind rows of red paper bags stuffed with yellow tissue paper.

Stand Out with Better Experiences

  • Build Brand Loyalty at Every Touchpoint

    Take advantage of every opportunity to engage and inform visitors with branded content.

  • Meet and Exceed Customer Needs

    Exceed expectations with drool-worthy imagery and convenient experiences from drive-thru to curbside.

  • Draw Attention with Award-winning Design

    Boost your brand and make your menu pop with WAND’s in-house graphic design team.

Never Worry with Easy Tech

  • Streamline Updates Anytime

    Manage your menus on the fly and dodge rush-hour snafus with easy updates across one or many locations right at your fingertips.

  • Count on 24/7 Support

    Never stress about a software glitch or broken screen with WAND support ready to help at a moment’s notice.

  • Integrate Tech from POS to Display

    Bring your POS into the digital mix and align engaging content across screens with seamless integrations.

A close-up of a cashier using a restaurant's point-of-sale software on a computer screen.


WAND Digital Packages for Every Business

Pick a package that fits your unique digital signage needs.


The WAND Ecosystem

Explore the ecosystem of services and solutions available when you team with WAND.

System Architecture

System Architecture

Designed for maximum performance, WAND is hosted by AWS and backed by an offline automatic playback system. We set the standard for digital messages, menus, and guest engagement.

Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation

Procurement and installation is handled by trusted partners with more than 70 years of combined digital signage experience. Eliminate any guesswork when you partner with WAND pros.

Software Implementation

Software Implementation

Let your WAND project management team coordinate every detail of your implementation so you’re guaranteed to get off the ground running from day one.

POS Integration

POS Integration

Our suite of integrations is prepared to connect to your point-of-sale (POS) system and create a single source of truth for powering, managing, and revising your digital menus.

Operational Support

Operational Support

WAND’s operational support team is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and is always ready to respond to your service needs. Sleep easy with 24/7/365 help is here for you.

Award-winning Menu Design

Award-winning Menu Design

With decades of award-winning menu design in our portfolio, WAND is an expert partner for designing, testing, and optimizing your unique menu to maximize engagement and ROI.

Increase Revenue with Engaging Digital Menu Boards

WAND Digital’s 5-year warranty ensures your state-of-the-art menus will continue to drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue for the long haul.