Turn Your Menu Board into a
Memorable Experience

Create engaging, fast, and safe customer experiences with innovative video menu boards in-store or outdoors, from drive-thru to pickup and beyond. 

Enhance Brand Experiences from Menu Board
to In-store Signage

Make Brand Loyalty a No-brainer

Digital displays and menus engage and entice customers in ways static signage simply can’t. Dynamic movement and vibrant imagery delight customers from the moment they come in. Placing an order may be a short experience, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a memorable one.

Keep up with
Customer Expectations

With advancing POS systems, changing diets, and increasingly on-the-go consumers, keeping up with the changing behaviors of your customers could be tough. With animated digital menus, you’re able to meet and exceed experiential expectations with modern consumers. 

Create an

Immersive Experience 

Your brand is one of a kind, so why keep it tucked away from customers? With video menus and animation, your brand can be the star of the show with every order. Our award-winning design team is ready to animate your menus and boast your brand in smart, scalable ways. 

Let’s Realize Your Goals Together

The best digital menu boards do more than add a modern look and feel to your quick-service or fast-casual restaurants. They become the most powerful component of your in-store marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to plan and implement your best tactics yet.

See how WAND helps build brands.

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Crush Every Goal in Every Role

Never Miss a Beat with Easy Updates and

No-fuss Displays

One of the biggest hurdles to updated experiences is reliable tech. Learn how WAND Digital ensures trusty hardware, software, and everything in-between. 

Scale Your Business with Digital Signage That Informs and Captivates

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the biz for a while, there’s always room to grow and scale your business.  

Tech That Won’t Trip You Up

Untangle the mess of hardware and ditch the struggle of software. WAND Digital has the solutions that make tech hassle-free for everyone. 

Turn One-time Customers into Loyal Fans

Growing your business means turning new customers into lifelong fans. Earn loyalty with easy and engaging experiences.

Run Your Business with Peace of Mind

WAND Digital’s commitment to service and support means you can rest assured that your goals are in good hands.

See how WAND works with your goals.