Digital Menu Board Solutions

Whether you’re running the business, the brand, or IT, WAND Digital has solutions that align with the goals for your quick-service restaurant and beyond.

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Upsell High-value Items and Grow Revenue

Digital displays and menu boards are some of the best tools owners and operators can add to their growth strategy. Increase average order values, repeat customer rate, and more by upgrading to a dynamic experience.

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Stand out with Branded Experiences

Standing out in a crowded industry is a huge challenge to face today. Digital menus and signage create immersive branded experiences that engage customers, decrease perceived wait times, and boost differentiation.

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Save Time and Money on IT

Complex, fussy, or subpar technology can hurt your bottom line. Drive down IT needs and costs with a digital system and integrations that only improve your tech needs. Never stress an outage again with WAND support and services.

See WAND Digital in Action

WAND Digital displays and menus are easy to install, update, and use for your unique and changing needs for years to come. Check it out!

Indoor Menus and Signs

Create a totally branded experience across one screen or stretching wall-to-wall with the power of engaging dynamic menus and signs.

A smiling cashier helps a customer at the counter with branded signage and three digital menu displays behind them.
A Toyota SUV is driving past a digital Dairy Queen drive-thru menu board.

Outdoor and Drive-thru

Elevate and upgrade your outdoor experience. Add digital displays that inform and entice every customer that heads to the drive-thru lane.


WAND Digital Packages for Every Business

From DIY options to fully hands-off, we offer packages that match your goals.