Turn Drive-thrus from Dull to Delightful with Digital

Customer expectations have evolved and a static drive-thru means missed opportunities. Display dynamic imagery and timely menu items that decrease perceived wait times while boosting order sizes.

Delight Every Customer in the Drive-thru

A brightly lit Dairy Queen drive-thru menu board against the restaurant's brick exterior.

Drive Promos and Increase
Order Values

We eat with our eyes, so why not make your drive-thru menu look tasty at the right times? Draw attention to promos or hot menu items with subtle movements, branded overlays, and engaging graphics that outperform static menus.

Easy Updates Mean Less
Wasted Time

Static menus place limits on what’s possible outdoors. Digital outdoor video boards ensure info and content can be updated quickly with just a few clicks. Spend less time manually swapping menus and more time on high-value to-dos.

Upgrade Your
Customer Experience

Today’s customers crave engagement. With digital outdoor menus, wait times will vanish as customers experience a branded, updated drive-thru journey that they’ll remember the next time they’re hungry on the road.

Easily Update One or
Many Menus

Get up and running in minutes with digital menu board software that’s easy to use, update, and scale. Launch new menu items, upload brand assets, and deploy a premium outdoor experience from one store to hundreds in minutes.

Explore what digital can do in the drive-thru.

A Toyota SUV is driving past a digital Dairy Queen drive-thru menu board.

Why WAND Digital for Outdoor Menus?

Menu Boards Built for the Outdoors

Never doubt your drive-thru menu again. WAND’s durable tech withstands the weather in any region and climate your stores are located.

Drive-thru Menus That Do It All

Schedule day-parts, call out promotions, and put up videos and brand assets with ease—all with a couple quick clicks.

Software Made for Scaling

Instantly make changes across one or many stores with WAND’s easy-to-use, time-saving digital menu software and app.

Support at Your Fingertips

WAND Digital’s support team is on standby 24/7. Our 5-year next-day repair or replacement warranty ensures you’ll never skip a beat.

Award-winning Design Team

From planning to design and beyond, WAND’s team is here to create a drive-thru that turns waiting times into engaging experiences.

Turn your drive-thru from dull to delightful.