8 Insider Secrets to Know Before Choosing a Digital Menu Board Solution

Not all digital menu board providers are created equal.

If done correctly, you could have a powerful menu board solution that positions your brand professionally, gives you the ability to make instant updates, and increases your sales. If done incorrectly, it can simply be a waste of money and difficult to manage. These are a few hot insider tips to help you find the right digital menu board provider for your restaurant goals.

1. Cheap Solutions Could Mean Missing out on Sales

If you go with a lower tier digital menu solution, you’re risking missing out on thousands of dollars in sales each year. On the flip side, a high-grade digital menu solution can increase your sales by up to 6%.

2. Low Prices Convey Low Quality

Some digital menu providers might draw you in with low prices, but consider the trade-off. Low quality solutions will require more frequent replacement, and commonly result in black screens during business hours and lost sales potential.

3. Experience Is Priceless

Many digital menu providers are start-ups and don’t have much experience nor expertise. You’ll want to make sure the provider you’re considering has been in the industry for a long time with a track record of success.

4. Check for a Menu Board Warranty

Many providers don’t list anything on their website about a warranty. Make sure your investment is protected and only consider a provider that offers a warranty.

5. Ensure Support Is Readily Available

As a restaurant owner, your time is extremely valuable. You need a digital menu solutions provider that has an experienced and readily available support team that will be there for you right when you need it. Some providers offer very limited or offshore support.

6. Vet for User-friendly Features

Many low-cost providers give you a confusing platform that makes it extremely difficult and time-intensive to make menu changes. To save you time and headache, you should only consider providers who have user-friendly software that can be used by people without design or coding experience.

7. Quality Could Reflect Your Food

Put your best foot forward with a digital menu solution that properly represents your brand. Low-quality or even malfunctioning hardware could negatively reflect your business and lower your credibility to your consumers.

8. Check the Provider’s Client Roster

Research who the digital menu provider is currently working with. Are they brands you want to align your restaurant with? If the provider doesn’t share this information, or doesn’t have any case studies, it’s probably a red flag.

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