Tips for Fast-casual and
Quick-service Restaurants

Read up on trends, strategies, and tactics to help you hit goals for your fast-casual or quick-service business.

Five Creative Digital Menu Design Tips

When it comes to designing your menu boards, the best place to start is with a solid marketing strategy that is consistent across your entire brand. That will allow you to better coordinate all of the corresponding activities as you’re generating content.

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A digital menu design displaying a hot dog, glass of beer, and french fries.

Digital Menu Best Practices

Your menu communicates more than just item names and prices to your customer. To reap all the benefits of digital menu boards, careful consideration and planning must go into their design and utilization.

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Three vertical digital menu boards display food options like tacos, burritos, and beverages.

5 Design Tips When Switching to Digital Menu Boards

Many restaurants are making the switch from static menu boards to Digital Menu Technology to establish menu clarity, amplify the customer experience, and increase sales. During this transition, it is likely that restaurant owners may seek the help of an external design agency to create and manage their digital menu board content.

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A brightly lit Cinnabon storefront showing white countertops, two glass display cases, and three digital menus hung overhead.

Increase Revenue with Engaging Digital Menu Boards

Scale your business with digital menu technology and experts on your side.