Wowed by Hospitality Minnesota’s 2023 Marketing Conference

WAND Digital versus OptiSigns

“I was so glad to have WAND Digital’s participation in our Hospitality Marketing Conference. Because of their support, we were able to utilize their innovative digital display boards and smart tags for our conference signage. Their partnership was a huge benefit to our organization and a wonderful opportunity for our members to experience their cutting-edge products in action.

Victoria Marley, Manager of Partnerships & Programs, Hospitality Minnesota

5 Stars for the Presentations, Sponsors, Venue and People!

We’re still buzzing from Hospitality Minnesota’s October 2023 marketing conference at Maddens on Gull Lake (Brainerd, MN). The conference brought together the state’s vibrant hospitality industry to have engaging conversations, learn and share relevant and forward-thinking ideas, and dive into opportunities for hospitality marketers. 

We at WAND Digital were delighted to support the event and share the magic and real-life utility of WAND’s digital signage technology. We’re grateful to Hospitality Minnesota for inviting us to share our expertise in hospitality marketing in the space of digital menu technology and customer experience.

Takeaways and Shareables

  • Marketing as an Experience vs. a Product/Service. Along with focusing on the value of your products and services, always take a step back to see how marketing these products can make for a great customer experience. Learn how WAND customers put customer experience at the forefront with digital signage technology and strategy.
  • Employ dynamic and enticing animation and design. On digital signage, using dynamic and enticing animation and design can drive sales and guest loyalty. Instead of static or over-used (familiar) design, dynamic animation creates a modern experience that can delight and surprise guests. Read more on adding movement to your designs in this WAND insights article.
  • Meet with and learn from other hospitality industry experts: We loved meeting and hearing from other hospitality industry experts. Hearing what challenges you are facing and what opportunities are out there for hospitality businesses was refreshing and motivating. If we met you or reconnected with you, thank you! We look forward to staying in touch.

“Building great relationships with guests has always been a passion of mine. We were thrilled to share our 15 years of experience at this year’s Hospitality Minnesota conference and help businesses connect with their guests in more meaningful ways.

Bill Graham, VP WAND Digital

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