How to Use Video Menus to Motivate and Drive Sales at Your Restaurant

Bring Your Menu to Life and Achieve Your Business Goals

Our eyes were designed from day one to see motion. Using our peripheral vision to help us spot a food source or a potential predator were the key to survival, motivating us to move closer or further away from the action. Today, this survival mechanism might help us in different situations—dodging moving cars or rogue bicyclists—but it still definitely exists.

What does this have to do with your restaurant menu? Well, it only makes sense as a business owner to apply this same principle and give consumers what their eyes seek—a motivation to move to action. Whether it’s displaying a slow-motion video of crispy chicken tenders bouncing into a basket of fries, or capturing a drizzle of caramel cascading down a fresh scoop of ice cream, digital video menu boards provide the perfect channel to bring motion into your business.

Make Your Video Menus Drool-worthy

Using video can help achieve a variety of business goals. It can attract consumer attention, amplify your brand, elicit new purchases, and so much more. In fact, an average 30% of video viewers make unplanned impulse purchases. Before utilizing video on your digital menu boards, it’s important to consider your business’ key messaging goals.

Try this now: Take a step back metaphorically to consider what your business goals are, then take a step back physically and see if your menu boards are helping you accomplish those goals.

If your restaurant goals are to display and showcase your menu items, best-sellers, and daypart goods in the best (most alluring) way possible, a static menu isn’t doing as much as it could. If you’re noticing the untapped potential in front of you, it may be time to consider implementing a video strategy for your digital menu boards.

Utilizing video on your digital menu boards does not have to break the bank. Consider using video assets you already own and use across other marketing channels, like television or social media. Conversely, if you do need to create new files, make them with those same channels in mind and squeeze the most use out of every video asset. Consistent messaging across multiple touchpoints creates a cohesive brand story and customer experience. Don’t forget, when it comes to video, the quality of the file can impact the consumer’s perception of your business and product. Sometimes, it’s good to call in the pros.

If you are presently using only still images on your digital menu boards, you have a major opportunity to influence and motivate your consumers through the use of video menus.

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