Digital Menu Boards: The Magic of Movement in Your Menu Design

How Animation Affects Customer Attention and Boosts the Effectiveness of Digital Menu Design

One of the best features of digital menu boards is the ability to capture attention with motion. Did you know a display with animation can automatically attract ten times more eye contact from your customers? But when you’re creating animated digital menu boards, all movement is not created equal.

If someone is scanning your menu and a moving object grabs their attention, and it doesn’t whet their appetite, that does more harm than good. Random, unintentional movement on a digital menu board can distract people from buying the featured items or from buying more. Using animation on your digital menu boards can positively impact your bottom line only if done correctly.

Set Clear Goals for Menu Design

At WAND, we strive to deploy strategic and aesthetically pleasing digital menu board strategies. As we work through the creative process with you, we begin with a static design then add strategic animations to complement your menu content. Everything we do is based on the simple question “What business objectives are you trying to accomplish with your digital menu boards?”

Do you want to increase foot traffic in your stores? Would you like to sell more of your most profitable items? What kind of limited-time deals or promotions will you be offering? These are all important goals and should be prioritized to help guide the creation of your digital menu boards.

Start with Your Existing Menu Design Assets

After you prioritize your goals, it’s time to gather the assets you need to create your digital menu board content. You can start by using assets you already have without spending time or money to create new ones. High-quality photos enhance a menu and help highlight a particular product. If you have limited resources of your own, there are a handful of websites offering free high-resolution images for public use. Videos are even better.

Hot steam on an item can give your customers a “fresh out of the oven” impression. Fast movement can signify fun or playful feelings. Slow movement can imply that it is a high-end product. A slow pan across the screen can suggest a large variety of items, while a slow zoom can enhance focus on a specific item. A takeover, where chips or fruit fall from the top of the screen, can be extremely effective at moving attention to the right products. All of this can be accomplished using much of what you already have saved on your computer.

Consider Your Restaurant Environment

When designing animations for digital menu boards, it’s important to consider the entire environment where the boards will be displayed. You should think about the following:

  • How many screens are your store?
  • Are your displays lined up next to each other or are there gaps between each display?
  • What are other marketing materials in your store and how will that compete with the content being displayed on your digital menu boards?
  • If you’re using multiple screens, how will the animation flow from one screen to another?
  • Do you have the appropriate hardware and software to support your content needs?
  • What mood would you like to portray with your digital menu boards?

Use these questions to help guide your content and animation strategy, so everyone involved understands your goals and priorities. Communication between your team members is key to ensuring the successful execution of your content strategy. (Don’t forget to include promotions, limited-time offers, or connections to your social media profiles!)

Think of Your Restaurant Customers

A digital menu board with great content and strategic animation can make a huge difference between a customer that feels overwhelmed and one that feels confident in their purchasing decision. Digital menu boards and clever design can help create an impulse to purchase add-ons while appealing to multiple audiences at the same time.

Partner with an Experience Menu Design Team

Backed by years of professional graphic design and animation experience, the WAND Digital design team is skilled at creating award-winning digital content that will give your digital menu boards the movement and appearance they need to represent your brand and engage your customers. Contact us today!

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