American Airlines Dines With WAND Digital

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WAND Digital Customer:

Jason Neilsen, Technology Delivery Manager, Compass Digital for client American Airlines at their new hospitality complex in Fort Worth, Texas.

Food Service Location/s:

American Airlines opened a new hospitality complex for visiting employees at the heart of their $1B Fort Worth, Texas headquarters in early 2023. The complex features a 600-room hotel and an endless list of amenities, including several dining options such as a cafe, dining room, tavern, grab-and-go market, eurobar and more.

WAND Digital Solution and Services:

American Airlines’ vision was to “simplify team members’ visiting experience by building a modern hospitality complex at the heart of our campus. A place where visiting team members can lodge, eat, socialize, and work out.” 

As a client of Compass Digital, the digital and technology innovation arm of Compass Group North America, American Airlines chose WAND Digital to support this modern experience through digital displays and accompanying menu technology in their food service areas of the complex. 

WAND helped Compass install and integrate WAND’s software and hardware technology solutions in several spaces, which were still under construction at the time. “Will [from WAND] took notes and made sure he had all the equipment we needed for an efficient installation. Even though the spaces were still in construction, he had a vision,” shares Jason.

The commercial-grade screens and tablets display brand assets and menu information, which is easily edited in real time, creating a seamless modern dining experience for patrons and a simplified workflow for food service staff.

“When it comes to digital signage, WAND Digital is top tier. We get what we pay for with the quality and level of service.”

Jason Neilsen, Technology Delivery Manager, Compass Digital

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