Best Digital Menu Boards for Quick-Service Restaurants: WAND Digital vs Nutrislice

WAND Digital versus OptiSigns

Comparison of Nutrislice and WAND Digital Menu Platforms

In comparing WAND’s digital menu board technology to other digital signage platforms, we could go feature by feature, but we understand that can be overwhelming. If you are an owner, operator, marketer, manager, etc. of a quick-service restaurant (QSR), fast casual restaurant or food service, this article is for you as you dive into your initial comparison research of the best digital menu platform for your operation. 

Instead of a long list, we’re looking at the bigger picture–the focus and capabilities of the technology and company–to help make your digital menu and signage comparison research a bit simpler. In this article, we’ll compare WAND’s digital menu platform with Nutrislice’s.

WAND Digital designs and evolves our products and services specifically for QSRs and food service operators

We know our clients’ needs, industry requirements, consumer demands, and food service and QSR trends. We’ve designed our software and built our technology solutions specifically for food service and quick-service restaurant owners and operators.

With features like WAND’s order status module (for drive-thrus), interactive service kiosks, mobile and web menus, A/B testing, advanced analytics, menu templates, and easy-to-update menu details (like items, prices, descriptions, calories and sizes), you’ll be able to deploy a premium outdoor and indoor experience from one location to hundreds in minutes. 

Additionally, WAND’s digital menu board software was built specifically to help you stand out from the competition with easy branding and marketing tools. With our QSR pedigree, we can help food service operators, like hospital and college cafeterias, become best-in-class dining options for their patrons.

WAND’s suite of integrations is prepared to connect to your point-of-sale (POS) system and create a single source of truth for powering, managing, and revising your digital menus.

Nutrislice caters to several industries with food service: K-12, higher education, healthcare, senior living, corporate and services

A lack of focus on one industry could mean watered-down solutions for QSR and fast-casual restaurants. With a focus just on the food service industry, Nutrislice might not have their eye on helping you stand out from the competition.

In the food service industry, there can appear to be less competition because patrons of these facilities are often already committed to the space that the food service is in. For example, imagine taking a trip to a hospital and needing dinner and breakfast during your stay. Would you have a choice between the hospital’s food service and another’s? Likely, no. But these days, you might hop on an app for food delivery service and order from a local restaurant. So, if you are looking for your brand and marketing to stand out from the competition, WAND Digital is a good alternative to Nutrislice. 

One of Nutrislice’s core solutions is displaying nutrition information, which is important for food service in the industries they serve. One of their products they do this through is a digital labeling system that requires the customer to scan with their phone a QR code to learn additional details about the item. An alternative, perhaps more user-friendly option, would be on-site touch screens (tablets) the customer can interact with to view the menu items and details – especially if all of your food items are not on display (and therefore would not have a designated digital label).

WAND’s experts will support you every step of the way from software installation and integration to hardware procurement

Currently, Nutrislice’s only POS system integration is with Oracle’s MICROS Simphony. So, if you operate with a POS system such as Toast, Revel, Square, PAR Brink or another, syncing your POS system data and capabilities with your menus could be a costly custom integration.  

When it comes to hardware, WAND Digital looks out for our clients in the long run with end-to-end tailored solutions. We guide our clients through display selection based on the environment and intended use, like if the displays and hardware need to be weather resistant or able to withstand the harsh environment of commercial kitchens. We’ll procure, install, and get your hardware up and running smoothly. WAND Digital powers these displays through proprietary software that communicates wirelessly to updated display operating software, making these smart screens smarter. 

Nutrislice on the other hand uses an open source media player approach, which can be limited in capacity and capability. And, when it comes to which displays you use, they seem to be less invested.

The bottom line is that WAND Digital ensures that your end-to-end solution is optimized for your business no matter how unique each of your locations are. 

If you’d like to continue your research to find the best digital menu board platform for your business, see the related articles below for additional comparisons of the best digital menu technology on the market.

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Disclaimer: All information was obtained from public sources on or around the date of publishing this article and may have changed since then. References to Nutrislice are for illustrative and educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Nutrislice.

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