Best Digital Menu Boards for Quick-Service Restaurants: WAND Digital vs BrightSign

WAND Digital versus Brightsign

Comparison of BrightSign and WAND Digital Menu Platforms

Whether it is to build your brand, drive sales or engage customers, digital menu boards help fast casual and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) hit their goals. In this article we’ll compare a few key solutions and features of WAND’s digital menu platform with BrightSign’s to help you choose the best digital menu platform to outfit and run your store, cafe or cafeteria with. If you’re just starting your research or need reasons to make the investment in digital menus, read this article on Why It’s Time to Go Digital with Drive-thru Menu Boards. Read here for additional comparisons of WAND’s offerings to other systems on the market.

BrightSign’s focus is media players

Among the dizzying amount of products and packages BrightSign offers, is a focus on digital signage media players. They are a global company that serves “all vertical segments in the marketplace,” which means they are not solely dedicated to providing solutions for QSRs and fast casual restaurants. BrightSign does offer cloud-connectivity (called on all BrightSign players, of which can integrate with 90 content management system (CMS) providers. They also have their own CMS, though, it is not designed just for QSRs and fast casual restaurants.

WAND’s focus is on providing the best digital menu system to help QSRs and fast casual restaurants grow

Because WAND designs and evolves our products and services specifically for QSRs and fast casual restaurants, we are experts in the industry and can help you increase average order values and your repeat customer rate with dynamic digital menus and signs. WAND offers digital menu packages for any stage of growth. From integrating WAND software with your existing tech, to procuring hardware, WAND caters to owners’ and operators’ needs. Our focus on a well-rounded suite of solutions for QSRs and fast casual restaurants helps you grow revenue, save money on IT and create stand-out branded experiences.

BrightSign offers a CMS but also defers to other CMS providers

As mentioned, BrightSign’s focus is their media players. When it comes to CMSs, they defer to other providers they integrate with instead of recommending their own CMS (which is not specifically for QSRs and fast casual restaurants). Additionally, they will not help you procure other hardware like displays.

WAND provides QSR-tailored software for indoor and outdoor digital displays

All of WAND’s software and services are made for QSRs and fast casual restaurants (including cafes, university food service and more). WAND’s online menu software enables you to quickly edit your menu items, prices, descriptions, calories and sizes. You can select from a wide variety of award-winning menu designs, choose photos in order to upsell high-value items, and create a branded experience across your displays. We ensure your operation is thoroughly onboarded, integrated, outfitted and serviced throughout our partnership, including procuring hardware best fit for each of your locations and integrating with your POS system.

BrightSign’s customer support is only reachable via an emailed ticket submission

As a global company serving many industries, BrightSign’s customer service is spread thinly among their potential and existing customers. According to one review, they do not offer much in the way of tutorials or guidance on how to set up and use their products.

WAND’s support team is available by phone 24/7/365

Our support team is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and can be reached at 952-361-6200, or if you prefer, you can submit a digital ticket and our support team will respond quickly. If you’d like to request a demo or a quote, you can get in touch with us here.

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Disclaimer: All information was obtained from public sources on or around the date of publishing this article and may have changed since then. References to BrightSign are for illustrative and educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by BrightSign.

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