Best Digital Menu Boards for Quick-Service Restaurants: WAND Digital vs Delphi

WAND Digital versus Delphi

Comparison of Delphi and WAND Digital Menu Platforms

Digital menu boards can help fast casual and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) grow revenue, stand out from the competition, and save time and money on IT. Yet, in order to accomplish these goals, your digital menu platform must provide a dynamic and enjoyable experience for customers, align with your budget, be user friendly, and most importantly, be backed with great technical and strategic support. In this article, we’ll take a quick tour of WAND Digital’s digital menu system and compare it with what Delphi Display Systems offers.

WAND is focused on helping QSRs grow with a user-friendly and budget-minded digital menu system

WAND’s focus is on your success through a digital menu system consisting of software, smart menu design, hardware (we’ll help you procure what you need), and integration with your point of sale system (POS) and other existing tech. Because WAND’s products and services are for QSRs and fast casual restaurants specifically, we are able to offer expert-tailored packages for any stage of growth: Express, Pro and Elite. We’ll meet you where you are, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants to dive in and take advantage of WAND’s self-help services from day one, or you’d like to rest easy with WAND-guided implementation and content deployments. If a pre-set package isn’t what you need, we offer an a la carte menu (pun intended) you can select from to fit your time and budget.

Delphi’s focus is on drive-thru menu boards, timers, headsets and confirmation screens

Delphi makes hardware for drive-thrus such as digital menu boards, timers, confirmation screens and wireless headsets. They do not make displays but will help procure them for you just as WAND does. Delphi’s offerings are focused on their drive-thru hardware, though they also have a software platform for managing menu content. Considering this focus, there are potential blind spots with implementing end-to-end customer engagement, both inside and outside your restaurant.

WAND offers technical and operational support 24/7/365 for QSRs

Our support team is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and can be reached at 952-361-6200, or if you prefer, you can submit a digital ticket and our support team will respond quickly. With our focus on digital menus for small to midsize franchisors and franchisees in the quick service restaurant industry, WAND’s experts know our clients and our products well. If you’d like to request a demo or a quote, you can get in touch with us here.

Delphi’s technical support is M-F, 7am – 3pm and supports multiple industries

Delphi is a global company that is also in the entertainment, corporate and education industries. In order to differentiate your fast casual or quick-service restaurant (QSR) from the competition and keep up with customer demand, your digital menu system must work well when it matters most, like the dinner rush at 5pm on a Friday. And, if you need help troubleshooting when it doesn’t? You might be disappointed to find out that Delphi’s tech support shuts down at 3pm (and are not available on weekends or holidays either).

If you’d like to continue your research to find the best digital menu board platform for your business see the related article below for additional comparisons of the best digital menus on the market.

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Disclaimer: All information was obtained from public sources on or around the date of publishing this article and may have changed since then. References to Delphi Display Systems are for illustrative and educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Delphi Display Systems.

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