How a Digital Menu Strategy Will Save You Money

If you’re a restaurant owner or operator looking to optimize your menu strategy, you probably already know that switching to digital menu boards helps amplify the customer experience and reduce perceived customer wait time. But, did you know that switching to digital menu boards can actually save you money, too? We’re not talking just marginal savings. We’re talking about up to 95% cost savings over static menu boards, as reported recently by one of WAND Digital’s large concept restaurant brand.

Digital menu boards provide up to 95% cost savings over static menu boards for WAND customers.

From menu offerings to smart dayparting to imagery and descriptions, your menu strategy can take many forms. However, one of the most fool-proof ways to ensure consistency, ease of use, and flexibility is by adopting digital menu boards before all else. 

How Digital Boards Became the Best Menu Strategy

Essentially, large concept restaurant brands save tens of thousands of dollars each time they make a menu change on digital menu boards compared with static menu boards. Additions and deletions can be made instantaneously by a computer instead of manually by multiple employees, saving time and payroll expenses. Reduced costs of perennial materials to create static menu boards also contribute to profits. In addition, food costs and waste are more easily controlled by easily highlighting items close to expiration, removing items that are out of stock, and achieving a higher margin per transaction.

Digital menu boards also emphasize brand reliability, displaying the same branding, design, and content across all stores. This dependability increases customer attraction; visitors recognize the steady consistency and feel comfortable ordering menu items regardless of the location of the franchise. Such familiarity increases business traffic and results in higher expenditures. A key menu strategy if you’re running more than one location is this consistency that not only helps your customers, but it also bolsters your brand. 

Significant savings represent just one of the many reasons to invest in digital menu boards in your multi-unit operation. Transitioning restaurants to the 21st century by using digital menu boards also creates an impressively clean presentation of merchandise. Modern customers desire this connection, and they will communicate their satisfaction on social media and in conversation, increasing consumer interest and spending. Investing in WAND digital menu technology results in significant savings and undeniable benefits.

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