Static Vs. Digital Menus: The Big Question

A large pizza is displayed on a digital menu board alongside prices and toppings.

Static vs. Digital Menus: WAND’s Digital Boards Outperform Static Menus in Growth and Profitability

When you run a quick-service or fast-casual restaurant, you’re always on the prowl for better tech, strategies, and opportunities to grow. When it comes to your menu experience, how do you compare WAND’s digital tech with static digital menu boards? What are the features or gadgets you can check out to determine the best choice for your business?

Whatever you choose, it can mean the difference between having a simple TV display in your stores and clunky thumb drives versus tapping into a comprehensive marketing menu system. It’s a chance to take your signage from bland and outdated to a masterful selling tool that increases sales margins and generates 10 times more eye contact. With the future of your operations at stake, it’s easy to see why an investment in WAND’s digital menu technology is the solution you need to boost your revenue.

The Digital Menu Difference

While static digital menu boards may be simpler and cheaper to install initially, these basic TV screens lack the functionality that restaurant brands need to effectively connect with customers, encourage sales growth, and strengthen brand loyalty. What are WAND’s digital menu boards able to achieve that cannot be accomplished with static digital menu boards?

  • Conduct A/B Testing.
    WAND’s digital menu technology has the ability to compare the sales results of menu content A versus menu content B across 10 stores each for one week. Learn the results fast, and instantly roll out the winner to your entire network.


  • Be Strategic About Pricing. With state-of-the-art digital menus, you can evaluate different pricing models to learn the ceilings and timing of your most profitable pricing levels. You can take advantage of opportune events, such as weekends, parades, or music events. When something isn’t working well, you can act fast and limit the negative impact of options that don’t yield strong results.


  • Local Store Marketing. For large operations with restaurants in multiple locations, WAND’s digital menu boards provide the ability to offer specific, targeted offerings to regional markets. WAND Digital’s platform can organize and execute multiple campaigns in different parts of the country—all at the click of a button.


  • Point-of-Sale System Integration. WAND’s performance results are even stronger when combined with analytics from point-of-sale systems. A point-of-sale system provides complete control of your restaurant. When integrated with digital menu technology, you have access to a more complete picture of how marketing campaigns are performing.

Experience WAND Digital’s Team Approach

When you partner with WAND, we offer comprehensive 24/7/365 support for our clients’ digital menu technology goals. We work with you to establish best practices for campaign parameters to ensure you receive the digital menu analytics you need to effectively structure your campaigns and design your menus.

Don’t settle for simple TV screens that only display static content. Invest in WAND’s smart and interactive digital menu software that harnesses the power of data and analytics to positively influence sales and give your restaurants the lift they need to effectively perform and serve customers.

Ready to upgrade to digital menus?

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