Tesla Austin Cafe Serves With WAND Digital

WAND Digital versus OptiSigns

WAND Digital Customer:

Leah Gayowski, Division Marketing Director, Eurest USA (division of Compass Group)

Food Service Location/s:

At the Tesla Cafe located in Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, employees and visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner cafeteria service with daily hot entree specials, sandwiches, burgers, grab n’ go items and more.

WAND Digital Solution and Services:

Tesla wanted to upgrade their static printed menus and signage to digital displays to make the dining experience at their new global headquarters enjoyable and efficient for employees, customers and visitors alike, as well as to align with their mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. 

WAND helped Tesla install and integrate WAND’s software and hardware technology solutions at the cafe. The commercial-grade screens display brand assets and menu information, which is easily edited in real time.

Tesla Cafe also updates their mobile and web menu weekly so patrons can easily check out what the cafe is serving that day and week.

“Scheduling was prompt and installation was quick. The [WAND] team was very flexible to work with us by transferring all of their materials into our vans so we could get them into the Tesla factory.”

Leah Gayowski, Marketing Director, Eurest USA (division of Compass Group)

What’s Next for Tesla Cafe:

Leah shares that Tesla is often rebuilding and renovating at their headquarters to continue to optimize the spaces and keep things fresh. So, they plan to install more monitors in more locations at Tesla’s headquarters.

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