The 3 Biggest Reasons to Switch to Digital Menu Boards

A close-up of a digital menu board showcasing signature salads.

Digital menu boards offer a host of benefits not found with static, printed menu boards. If you still use static menu boards in your multi-unit operation, here are three of the biggest reasons to finally switch to digital menus:

1. Gain More Control When You Switch to Digital

In growing QSR and fast-casual restaurants, digital menu boards make managing multiple stores and locations simpler and much more efficient. Keeping messaging consistent across all locations can be a daunting and difficult task. Digital menu boards eliminate that uncertainty and display the same branding, design, and content across all stores.

Digital menu boards also make it easier to engage customers by changing price points and swapping out LTO’s for one or all locations through a central software system. This saves your employees time and effort in manually updating static menu boards and frees them up to focus on more important things, such as the food and the customers.

Digital menu boards make it easy to tie in-store messaging to web, print, or TV in real time. You can also highlight national advertising messages to promote recollection and brand loyalty with your customers.

2. Lower Cost and Increase Restaurant Revenue

Static menu boards need to be manually updated. This requires both time and money. Printing and shipping menu boards with every season or campaign change is one noteworthy cost to consider. In addition to that, there are payroll costs associated with needing an employee to install the menu boards manually. Unlike static menu boards, digital menu boards cut down on time and money spent making menu changes.

Along with reducing the cost of printing static menu board materials and the labor to put them up, digital menu boards can help lower food costs as well. Wasted product eats away at the profitability of any restaurant. Digital menu boards help control food costs and reduce waste by allowing you to easily highlight items close to expiration, remove items that are out of stock, and achieve a higher margin per transaction. Click here to read how WAND increased the average check size by 6% for this major deli concept.

3. Improve the Customer Experience with Digital

Today, consumers have come to expect a digital experience. The last thing a restaurant operator wants to do is create the impression that their business is old or outdated.

Digital menu boards offer the opportunity to deliver a brand’s message in new and exciting ways. Digital menu boards are more visually appealing and easier to read than static menu boards. They engage with customers in a way they value and help you tell the story of your restaurant. You can use your digital menus to call out signature dishes and high-margin items and to showcase your brand’s personality. Digital menu boards allow you to truly engage with your customers and put your brand on display.

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