Becks Prime Continues Tradition of Quality Service with New Drive-Thru Digital Menu Boards

Known for their heavenly chocolate malts, delicious grilled-to-order burgers, and all-around quality, Becks Prime quick-service restaurant (QSR) is considered an institution in Houston, Texas. The original location, on Kirby Drive, recently underwent a remodel, the first major facelift (inside and out) since their doors opened in 1985. 

“We’ve always had quality of food, service and experience as a top priority, so we wanted to ensure we continued to meet that standard with the remodel. From upgrading the drive-thru with digital menu boards, to sourcing premium, long-lasting wood for the new patio deck, it all had to reflect our service and values,” shares Mike Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Becks Prime.

When Knapp and co-founders Win Campbell and John Storms first opened Becks Prime, they had spent a year developing a menu with first-rate ingredients. They wanted to turn the fast food and drive-thru model upside down by sourcing fresh (never frozen) food and ensuring every detail of the experience–from the napkins, to the drive-thru speakers, to the design–was congruent with the quality of food and service.

The Challenge: Drive-Thru Static Menus Were No Longer Cutting It

Fast forward to 2021 when Becks Prime kicked off their original restaurant lcoation’s refresh in order to continue to meet their guests’ expectations and uphold their standard for quality. With more than 50% of their business being drive-thru orders, they knew their static plexiglass drive-thru menus and “stick-in-the-ground” promotional signs were no longer cutting it. The static menus and signs were not only costly and time-consuming to update and susceptible to weather damage, they also made for a less-than-pleasant experience for guests and were a disadvantage in a competitive digital market.

The Solution: Digital Menu Boards

Becks Prime turned to WAND Digital to upgrade their drive-thru static menus with digital menu boards and accompanying technology, including WAND’s digital menu board software and commercial-grade, weather-resistant displays. The objectives for the upgrade? Stand out with quality drive-thru experiences, grow revenue, and increase efficiency in operations. 

WAND experts worked alongside Becks Prime to install the new hardware and software, integrate their POS system, and onboard their team with the new technology

“We have been very detailed on what we want, and WAND has been able to deliver.” –Mike Knapp, Becks Prime Co-Founder

The Results: A High-Quality Drive-Thru Experience

With the new digital menu boards and technology, employees can easily change menu item prices, schedule day-parts, upsell items with dynamic designs, run promotions, and more. 

The upgrade to digital menu boards has helped Becks Prime improve order accuracy and speed, increase ticket size, reduce printing and shipping costs, make real-time updates to the menu, and provide a better experience overall for their guests and employees. Feedback from managers is that people love the look.

They are seeing their dedication to all-around quality pay off. “We had a ‘quiet’ reopening after the refresh and still had 1,000 people show up in one day,” shares Knapp.

What’s Next for Becks Prime

Now that they have digital drive-thru menu software made for scaling, Becks Prime hopes to roll-out the WAND digital menu board system at additional restaurant locations and use the technology to create an even more personable experience for guests.

“We’re big on personable service. About 80% of our customers are repeat guests, so we would like our employees to recognize them. We’re hoping to use technology to support that personable service as well, like having intuitive ‘Welcome back, this is what you ordered last time…’ messages on the screen when a returning guest arrives,” envisions Regional Operations Manager Alan Underwood.

With their drive-thru digital menu technology, made-to-order food, and vision for the future, there is no doubt Becks Prime will continue to wow their guests and hold on to their place as an institution in Houston.
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