Best Digital Menu Boards for Quick-Service Restaurants: WAND Digital vs Navori Labs

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Comparison of Navori Labs and WAND Digital Menu Platforms

In comparing WAND Digital’s menu board technology to other companies’ digital menu boards, we could go feature by feature, but we understand that can be overwhelming for quick service restaurant (QSR) owners and operators as you dive into your initial comparison research. Instead of a long list, we’re looking at the bigger picture – the fundamental aspects of the technology and company – to help make your comparison research a bit simpler. In this article, we’ll compare WAND’s digital menu board platform with Navori Labs’.

WAND fully owns its software and sells directly to clients: QSRs and fast-casual restaurants

We are experts in the QSR and food-service industry who take a partnership approach to serving our clients in order to meet and exceed their digital menu board expectations. WAND works directly with our clients for end-to-end service for everything from system architecture, hardware installation, software implementation, point-of-sale (POS) system integration, operational support, and menu design. This means we get to know our clients and receive direct feedback from them in order to understand how we can best serve them. With their partnership and feedback, we continue to evolve our products and services to be cutting-edge, user-friendly, scalable, and secure.

Navori delivers its software through resellers

Navori delivers “technologies to digital signage solution providers and software resellers worldwide.” This means Navori does not typically sell its software directly to end users, selling mainly through channel partners such as distributors, resellers, and integrators. For example, The Howard Company resells Navori software licenses to its clients, and they remain the support and service contacts for their clients. This creates a larger distance for feedback to travel back to Navori, perhaps leaving them out of touch with who their end users really are and what these business’s needs and goals are with their digital menu board software. End users may never know that they are using Navori if the channel partner providing the service layer doesn’t tell them. With Navori, you may need to pay another service provider to do your POS system integration, help procure hardware, and provide technical support.

WAND designs and evolves our products and services specifically for QSRs and fast casual restaurants

We know our clients’ needs, industry requirements, consumer demands, and QSR trends. We’ve designed our software and built our technology solutions to specifically serve fast-casual and quick service restaurant owners and operators and food service managers. With features like WAND’s order status module, weather widget, mobile and web menu, A/B testing, advanced analytics, menu templates, and easy-to-update menu details (like items, prices, descriptions, calories and sizes), you’ll be able to deploy a premium outdoor and indoor experience from one store to hundreds in minutes. Additionally, WAND’s digital menu board software was built specifically to help you stand out from the QSR competition with easy branding and marketing tools.

Navori is a global company that makes digital signage software for several industries

Navori makes software for many industries, including healthcare, government, retail, business/corporate, transportation, restaurants and more. With a lack of focus on one industry in combination with resellers representing their primary sales channel, means QSRs and fast casual restaurants are left to figure out how to customize their technology set up in order to meet their industry-specific requirements, needs and goals with digital menu boards. Serving so many industries could mean watered-down solutions for QSR and fast-casual restaurants.

If you’d like to continue your research to find the best digital menu board platform for your business, see the related articles below for additional comparisons of the best digital menu technology on the market.

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Disclaimer: All information was obtained from public sources on or around the date of publishing this article and may have changed since then. References to Navori Labs are for illustrative and educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Navori Labs.

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