Chavez Supermarket: Digital Menu Board Case Study

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WAND Digital’s latest digital menu case study explores the benefits to multi-store owners and operators. Beto Chavez of Chavez Supermarket & Tacqueria considered upgrading the tacqueria’s static menu boards to digital menu boards. With nine tacqueria locations to manage throughout the Bay Area of California, Chavez knew that it was in the best interest of the business to improve and streamline operations. “Of course, every business owner wants to increase sales, but for us, the transition to digital menu boards was equally about efficiently managing the menus and pricing of all of our locations,” said Chavez.

Rather than adjusting prices every couple years as had previously been done, Chavez hoped that digital menu technology could allow he and his team to make smaller price adjustments more regularly without the time and cost associated with re-printing static menu boards. Chavez knew he needed a business partner that offered a one-stop shop approach to digital menu technology. An organization that could guide him through all the phases – planning, equipment, installation, and implementation – would be the ideal match for his quest to improve menu control and increase profitability for his tacquerias.

Chavez Tacqueria’s Background

The first Chavez Supermarket & Tacqueria was opened in 1984 in Redwood City, CA. The supermarket layout was essentially half meat market, half tacqueria with a variety of other grocery staples and produce in between. The tacqueria is known for its authentic dishes that are inspired by the flavors of Mexico. In addition to favorites like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, Chavez Supermarket & Tacqueria also offers breakfast options, Mexican soups, and aguas frescas in a variety of flavors that change daily. Now, with a total of 10 locations spread throughout the Bay Area, the business is thriving and prime for innovation.

Proposed Solution: Going Digital

Chavez had experienced digital menu boards first-hand at other dining establishments and admired their clean, professional look. After calling around for information and pricing, Chavez partnered with WAND for the implementation of digital menu technology in his nine tacqueria locations. “I really appreciated that WAND was willing and able to take me from start to finish on the project. Some companies wanted to sell me the boards. Others wanted to install them. And again, others wanted to design them for me.

WAND could do all of that and it all came included in the first estimate they gave me. There were no surprises,” said Chavez. For Chavez, the true test of the technology was in how simple it was to use and how it contributed to an increase in sales. Chavez set out to do a massive pricing update to his menu using the software included with new digital menu boards. He also planned to train his employees on the software so they could manage and update the daily-changing flavors of agua frescas for each location. Lastly, Chavez would feature key menu item – along with a picture – on the digital menu boards in hopes of increasing sales of those items.

Menu Case Study Results

In a year-over-year comparison of point-of-sale transaction reports, Chavez Supermarket & Tacqueria has seen an increase in overall sales and profitability since transitioning to digital menu boards. Chavez credits the simplicity of the software in allowing easy control of price and menu changes. One menu item that is a shining example of success is the burrito bowl, which witnessed a 60% increase in volume sold.

“The overall increase in sales and profitability we have experienced in just one year after implementing digital menu technology makes me excited to find new ways to leverage the technology for the betterment of our business in years to come.” WAND’s digital menu board technology allowed Chavez Supermarket & Tacqueria to streamline their operations activities and increase the sales and profitability of their business. Through a simple-to-use central software system, Chavez has complete control of his menu items and pricing. Likewise, his employees can simultaneously manage other menu-related customization duties, freeing up time for Chavez to focus on other business efforts.

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