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The 3 Biggest Reasons to Switch to Digital Menu Boards

facebooklinkedintwitterDigital menu boards offer a host of benefits not found with static, printed menu boards. If you still use static menu boards in your multi-unit operation, here are three of the biggest reasons to finally switch to digital menus:1. Gain More Control When You Switch to DigitalIn growing QSR and fast-casual restaurants, digital menu boards make managing multiple stores and locations simpler and much more efficient. Keeping messaging consistent across all locations can be a daunting and difficult task. Digital menu boards eliminate that uncertainty and display the same...

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A close-up of a digital menu board showcasing signature salads.

What’s the ROI of Digital Menu Boards?

The restaurant industry faces challenging times. Sales are down at traditional restaurant concepts, both domestically and internationally, consumers are shifting how and where they spend money, and higher labor and commodity costs make for difficult operations.

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Three horizontal video menus showcase a QSR's hamburgers and sliders.

How a Digital Menu Strategy Will Save You Money

facebooklinkedintwitterIf you’re a restaurant owner or operator looking to optimize your menu strategy, you probably already know that switching to digital menu boards helps amplify the customer experience and reduce perceived customer wait time. But, did you know that switching to digital menu boards can actually save you money, too? We’re not talking just marginal savings. We’re talking about up to 95% cost savings over static menu boards, as reported recently by one of WAND Digital's large concept restaurant brand. Digital menu boards provide up to 95% cost savings over static menu...

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Three video menu boards advertise churros above a Cinnabon front counter.

Increase Revenue with Engaging Digital Menu Boards

Scale your business with digital menu technology and experts on your side.