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Digital Menu Kiosk Case Study: Chartwells at University of Chicago

Meet Devin Davis, Senior Marketing Manager, Chartwells Higher Ed, University of Chicago and WAND Digital client. Devin is an innovator on a mission to make UC the top academic dining experience in America. We're just happy to play a role in his story and help him along the way. But don't take our word for it, hear what he has to say about the efficiency of WAND Digital menu technology 😉

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WAND Digital at University of Chicago

Digital Menu Case Study: Church’s Chicken of New Mexico

When Carolyn Conner, a franchise owner for Church’s Chicken in New Mexico, noticed that sales at each of her four locations had stagnated, she knew it was a problem she needed to address quickly. Part of the problem, she believed, was that her employees struggled with upselling at the cash register despite the time and effort she poured into training them to do so.

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Two people standing in front of a Church's Chicken counter while placing an order with a cashier.

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